Lion Reflx Ute Smart Anchors L/C 270kg – 2 Pack


  • Prevents Aluminium gates from crushing and bending
  • The only way to safely restrain cargo that sits under the waterline of the ute or trailer
  • Unlike a traditional anchor point, the Reflx smart anchors can be positioned anywhere along the side or rear of a ute or trailer.
  • Eliminates the risk of tie down failure from friction wear on gate edge.
  • Provides greater downward force for proper restraint practice.
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Product Description

Reflx, the smarter way to transport your cargo to its destination safely. Dusk till dawn, Reflx Ute Smart Anchors are highly identifiable in low light situations where visibility is required. Work-sites, street parking, campgrounds, on the water or on the road, Reflx will make you stand out.
Be Safe, Be Seen!