Load Tensioning System


Imagine a restraint that was intelligent enough to combat settlement in a load whilst in transit. Our LTS system can.

LTS is a Load Settlement Technology that combats compression & potential load shifting in the transportation of goods. By negating slack & settlement through absorption, LTS is like no other in keeping hooks & cargo firmly in place. As little as 25mm of compression in a load can result in the loss of restraint or cargo without LTS. New and innovative, with no additional steps in securing. The safest tie down on the planet. Reusable LTS Smart Pack.
Designed in Australia

How the Lion Load Tensioning System Works

LTS is a Load Tension System that acts as a shock absorber for your load. It is the only restraint that can adjust, adapt & absorbon the run. The distinguishing feature of LTS is the fluorescent orange compression sleeve. LTS will compensate for a gap in the load when the trailer shifts after turning a corner. The system can adjust to absorb the compression of the corner caused by the tie down’s tension.

Made from premium polyester with large heat treated hooks and webbing with less than 3% elongation, the Lion Load Tensioning System brings a whole new level of safety to tie downs.